Gold Coast Weather in May

Gold Coast weather in May has certainly had us on our toes this week. Here we are a little over halfway in to the month and we have had glorious sunny autumn days with little wind, to howling wind and rainswept days.

Last week was absolutely amazing. Day after day of warm sunny days with blue skies and very little wind. Absolutely perfect weather.  By Sunday, the clouds started to build and the wind picked up and then it started!

Yesterday, Monday, was miserable and cold looking! It wasn’t that cold, just from my desk it looked cold! I look straight over the broadwater and I can see the ocean from my desk, so when it looks bleak – I know!

We did have some needed rain. We were only commenting how the grass on the sidewalks was beginning to look brown instead of lush green. So we, Gold Coasters, do need the rain to keep the place looking great!

But here you are holidaying in the Gold Coast in May and the weather has turned, well, yukky! What to do?

I have in my kitbag a few pages to help you out! Things to do when it is raining on the Gold Coast in the form of my Rainy Day Activity Guide.

You will find a few choice ideas to keep you enjoying your holidays without the kids driving you mad. Things you can do inside, places to go where the kids can get rid of energy, and even a couple of ideas for you to pamper yourself out of the rain and wet!

There’s no need to let the Gold Coast weather in May get you down if it is raining – there is plenty to do and enjoy!